Keeping Your Pets Healthy

Annual Physical Exams Keep Your Pets Healthy

A sad trend among pet owners is a decline in visits to the veterinarian. What makes this particularly worrisome is that the number of proactive visits is what generally is most affected by this decline. Recently the topic of preventative medicine for humans has taken a front seat in public healthcare discussions.

However, it is important to remember that prevention holds the same importance for our pets. Much like we need preventative medicine, so do our animal companions. Many long-term health problems are very preventable with regular examinations, discussions of diet, exercise and nutrition, and screenings.

While a pet may appear healthy to the eyes, a professional trained in taking care of animal companions can foresee problems or even see ones that may not be readily apparent. It is understandable to want to cut back in times of economic hardship and budgetary constraints. However, it is important to remember that our animal friends are not like the appliances in our life, which we can save money by delaying service for.

They are living creatures with many of the same needs as us. Often, people make the mistake of preferring checking online resources to a visit to the veterinarian. While these can be helpful, one must remember that a thorough knowledge of pet health is necessary to interpret information, and often this information can be misleading or not specific to species or breed.

Why Get An Annual Exam?

Animals don’t typically get sick immediately but rather gradually. Your pet goes from healthy to ill in stages. These stages are where efforts to halt or reverse disease are most effective. The purpose is to stop them in their initial stages.

A lot of decrease in these visits has led to a decrease in spending on preventative measures like heartworm, flea and tick products and dental care. All of these treatments can go a long way in preventing future health problems, pain, and overall discomfort for our companions. While these products may be available online, it takes an experienced and knowledgeable professional to be able to recommend the best product, frequency, and dosage.

This is why we offer annual physical exams along with a host of other screenings that can be recommended. Also we can make sure that your family member has the latest and best vaccinations for diseases specific to them. Additionally, we can discuss various dietary, exercise, and lifestyle choices for your pet in order to ensure a long and healthy life for them.